Dear Whiskers



Dear Whiskers book cover

Jenny hates pretending to be a mouse, but that's exactly what she has to do for her school project.  Every fourth grader is writing letters to a second grader--in mouse character.  Most of her classmates think it's fun, but Jenny can't think of much to say.  When she fails to get an answer from her second grader, Sameera, Jenny is embarrassed and angry.

Soon Jenny discovers the reason behind Sameera's silence: she doesn't speak English.  At first Jenny is mad that her project is a flop.  But later she sees how hard it is for Sameera in her new country.  Will Jenny decide to use her project to help the new girl fit in?  Or will she trade her in for another second grader?

Publisher: Holiday House, Inc., 2000



"When Jenny's fourth-grade writes letters to second-graders, she is paired with Sameera, a Saudi Arabian girl who know little English. . . Vividly recreating classroom culture, Nagda portrays the seesawing emotions of school children with empathy and finesse."



"This warm story with a positive message will make a great choice for newly independent readers, as a read-aloud, and as a wonderful introduction to a letter-writing unit."

--(starred) School Library Journal


Awards and Honors

Colorado Children's Book Award Nominee, 2004

Iowa Children's Choice Award Nominee, 2004

Nevada Young Readers's Award Nominee, 2004

Land of Enchantment Book Award Nominee, 2004

Texas Bluebonnet Award Masterlist, 2003

Rhode Island Children's Book Award Nominee, 2003

Pennsylvania Young Readers's Choice Award Nominee, 2003

Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award Nominee, 2003

Prairie Bud Award Nominee, 2004


Foreign editions: Japan, Great Britain