Kevin Keeps Up


The Kevin Keeps Up book cover

Oh no! Beezer the Buzzard will be the sub while Mrs. Steele is away, and Kevin is going to be dead meat! When Mrs. Steele goes on an extended trip to Africa, Kevin knows he'll be stuck inside for every recess and have his desk moved to the front of the class. Mrs. Beezer just doesn't understand Kevin's problems with focusing and controlling his impulses. This charming chapter book takes a perceptive look at ADHD and the challenges it can present in school.

Publisher: Holiday House, Inc., Fall 2012



"Like Joey Pigza before him. Kevin is an endearing and well-meaning boy who struggles mightily to focus in school... Readers will cheer as Kevin powers through and ultimately comes up with a final project that will knock his teacher's socks off. With a winning protagonist and an enjoyable cast of characters, Kevin's story makes for a fresh and entertaining chapter book."

                         --Kirkus Reviews