Tiger Math

Learning to Graph from a Baby Tiger



Tiger Math book coverBy Ann Nagda & Cindy Bickel

T.J is a Siberian tiger cub born at the Denver Zoo.  When he is ten-weeks old, his mother dies and he is taken to the zoo hospital to be hand-raised.  At first he won't eat.  The zoo staff tries to tempt him with treats, but he refuses them all.  The staff doesn't give up and persistence pays off.  T.J. grows up to be a huge, healthy tiger.  The delightful pictures of T.J. and the heartwarming story of his life will charm young readers as they learn the basics of graphing.

Cindy Bickel has worked at the Denver Zoo for over thirty years.  During her career, she has hand raised hundreds of babies for the zoo, using math every day in her job as a veterinary assistant.

Publisher: Henry Holt & Co, 2000



"A true story of a baby tiger's brush with death from starvation is an opportunity for learning about graphs. . . Different kinds of graphs track a variety of data.  A bar graph measures how much meat T.J. ate every day.  A line graph shows T.J.'s weight loss.  A picture graph compares tigers in the wild, and a circle graph show the information in another form.  Interesting photographs taken at the Denver Zoo detail every aspect of the story. . . A delightful way to learn math."

 --Kirkus Reviews.

"As many children see it, baby tigers are cute, and math graphing is not.  The authors, a mathematician and a zoo veterinary assistant, combine their subjects to change those perceptions. . .On the right-hand pages, we read and see how the zoo workers brought him back to healthy eating; on the left-hand pages, we see a variety of graphs of his progress, with an explanation of how to construct and read the graphs.  It's exciting reading on both sides."

--The Chicago Tribune

"Nagda has paved an inviting path to the skill of graph interpretation, and T.J.'s story will beckon even the math-reluctant to follow."

--Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

 "Tiger Math was the highlight of one of my non-fiction workshops.  Teachers were incredibly excited about the way it integrates math process with interesting content.  It can be used as the basis for a lesson without any supplement.  This book will be a regular on all my math and new book lists and workshop presentations."

--Susannah Richards, Educational Consultant


Awards and Honors

An Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children

An IRA Teacher's Choice

A Colorado Book Award Winner

A Great Lakes Great Books Honor Book

A Junior Library Guild Selection