The Valentine Cat


The Valentine Cat book cover

It's not fair. Jenny has to give away her cat, Munchkin, because her brother has asthma. Why can't they give away her brother, instead? Jenny's friends offer to take Munchkin, but problems come up. Then Jenny's teacher says the cat can stay in their classroom for a while. Munchkin loves school! But he keeps getting into trouble--and Jenny knows he won't behave at the big pet party on Valentine's Day. Will Jenny ever find a home for her naughty cat?

Publisher: Holiday House, Inc., Fall 2008



"As Valentine’s Day approaches in Mrs. Steele’s fourth-grade classroom, Jenny finds herself preoccupied with a looming catastrophe of her own: Little brother Toby’s asthma has forced the eviction of her beloved cat. Munchkin doesn’t like Richard’s dog, Susan’s mother doesn’t like Munchkin; in desperation, Jenny suggests that he live at school for a couple of weeks in the hope that Mrs. Steele will fall in love and take him home. Nagda and Roth again (The Perfect Cat-Sitter, 2007, etc.) present chapter-book readers with a solid story. Jenny’s emotional upheaval and schoolwork travails are entirely realistic and sympathetic, and Munchkin is a fully realized character that kids will root for, along with Jenny."

                         --Kirkus Reviews


"If you love reading about the celebrity cats at public libraries, we’ve got some more animal stories for you—at school libraries. . . . Sooty, a school library cat at the Llewellyn School in Westmoreland, OR, was an inspiration for author Ann Whitehead Nagda, who met the cat during a visit to the school. Her book, The Valentine Cat (Holiday House, 2008), features a cat who endears himself to the students of a school. . . Dewey, the cat that resided at Spencer Public Library in Iowa until his death in 2006, became an international celebrity and the subject of the best-selling book Dewey, the Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World (Warner, 2008) by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter."

                         --School Library Journal