Bamboo Valley

A Story of a Chinese Bamboo Forest



Bamboo Valley book cover

In the Wolong Preserve in China, the mountains are hidden in mist.  A giant panda searches for food, but the bamboo he likes to eat has flowered this year and is now dry and brittle.  The panda must find a new home range where he can find bamboo to eat.

Publisher: Soundprints, 1997




"While following a young Panda as he searches for his own home range that will provide him with shelter and an abundant source of food, readers are introduced to the flora and fauna of the beautiful bamboo forests of China. The story is full of accurate information about the delicate balance of the bamboo forest, the animals there, and many behavioral characteristics of pandas. Author Ann Nagda, a conservationist who has recently visited the Wolong Preserve, weaves a wonderfully warm tale.  . .Individuals or groups studying ecology/ecosystems, habitats, pandas, and China will find this a useful resource."

--School Library Journal