Canopy Crossing

A Story of an Atlantic Rainforest



Canopy Crossing book cover

Quick hands and a long, graceful tail help a black-faced lion tamarin monkey travel through mahogany trees, palm trees, and strangler figs on a search for a family group.  Without others to help him watch for danger, the little monkey is in danger from deadly eagles and other enemies in the Atlantic rainforest.

Publisher: Soundprints, 1997



"This attractive book. . . tells the story of a black-faced lion tamarin living in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil. In the course of the story, readers learn about the habits of tamarins as well as the rainforest's cycle of plant growth and decay, pollination, predator/prey relationships, and various rainforest plants and animals. . .The lush, deeply saturated colors in the book's illustrations depict the richness and diversity of rainforest flora and fauna. . . A worthwhile purchase for elementary school and public libraries."

--School Library Journal