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I love sharing my books and writing experiences with elementary school children.

In my presentation:

  • I take students with me on a photo journey as I research pandas in China's Wolong Preserve, tigers and their prey in India and Nepal, and cheetahs in South Africa.

  • I tell them about my six-year struggle to get TIGER MATH from initial idea to published book.

  • I show how I blend real-life experiences with imaginary ones to create fictional stories.

  • I emphasize how important good research and revision are in the writing process.

After my presentation at a local school, a student wrote,


"I learned you have to rewrite

something seven times."


Yes, I have had to rewrite some of my books at least seven times before they were published. Teachers have reported that students are less resistant to rewriting after they have heard my talk. Another student wrote,


 "I think your presentation was very good.

Usually presentations are boring,

but yours was fun and exciting."


Wow! That made my day!

I speak to students in elementary schools, in small or large groups. I bring my own laptop computer and a small digital projector.  Because I give a PowerPoint presentation, I need

  • a room that can be darkened 

  • a screen

  • a microphone

  • a backup laptop and digital projector (if available)

Presentations of 45 minutes work best, followed by a time for questions and signing books. For older groups, I can go into more detail on the researching and the writing process. The maximum number of presentations I will give in one day is four.


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