Tiger Territory

A Story of the Chitwan Valley



Tiger Territory book cover

Experience Nepalís Chitwan Valley through the eyes of a Bengal tigress, caring for her three young cubs.

Publisher: Soundprints, 1999



"Perfectly executed watercolors by Kratter cover the pages from edge to edge, and give us a view of the action from a number of unique perspectives. Children will be drawn to the pages showing two male tigers fighting, with vultures shadowy in the background." 

-- ForeWord Magazine


"Finding and killing enough meat to satisfy her three six-month-old cubs and herself is the task that takes up most of the time, energy and skill of a mother tiger living in the Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal. We accompany her for her hunting and other activities for two days and one night, until she finally manages to kill a sambar stag. A brief but informative text and lovely, realistic watercolors are especially effective in showing us the diverse flora and fauna of this habitat: kingfishers, bamboo thickets, langur monkeys, phoenix palms and one-horned rhinos. A map of and note about Chitwan National Park are included at the end of the book."

--School Library Journal